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From Star Wars to Stranger Things, tabletop RPGs are letting fans explore and expand the pop culture worlds they love

When you love something, it’s only natural to want more of it. Some of us love Star Wars for example - yes, even Rise of Skywalker - while others can’t help but want more of Stranger Things. The only natural solution is, of course, to find a way to have even more of these things that we love so much. Roleplaying in familiar worlds is an excellent way to do just that.

All My Friends Are Here: Dragon Age 2 and the Importance of Queer Friendships

It’s 2011. I’m fourteen years old and I am sitting deep inside of the closet. It’s a wooden box that fits me to the T and no matter how I try and move, I find it hard to breathe. When I do attempt to find the door, the fear of being released out in the open, to have everyone’s eyes on me, is what keeps me from moving. It’s that feeling that dogs me, and will continue to do so, for the next six years. But of course, there are moments of startling clarity, and none has been more sharp than when I

The Most Rotten Eggs in Games

Eggs are often very useful in video games. You can use them to cook in Breath of the Wild, sell them for money and affection in Stardew Valley, and even use them to create death-defying elixirs in Tales of Berseria. However, there are also eggs that can be so bad as to put you off your omelet if you think about them. Eggs that, to be blunt, should be thrown out of their egg-home at an early age because all they deserve in life is to be scrambled.

Why LGBT video game databases matter

It was my fondness for role-playing games that led me to BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins back in 2009. This was where, at a young age, I discovered that loving Leliana as much as I did wasn’t exactly heterosexual. In fact, there wasn’t anything remotely heterosexual about Leliana inviting me to her tent and me spamming the ‘X’ button to accept her advances. Weird, huh? Coming to terms with my own sexuality at a young age wasn’t easy. This is why BioWare games resonated with me so much.
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