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From Star Wars to Stranger Things, tabletop RPGs are letting fans explore and expand the pop culture worlds they love

When you love something, it’s only natural to want more of it. Some of us love Star Wars for example - yes, even Rise of Skywalker - while others can’t help but want more of Stranger Things. The only natural solution is, of course, to find a way to have even more of these things that we love so much. Roleplaying in familiar worlds is an excellent way to do just that.

Fire Emblem Three Houses new classes Trickster, War Monk / Cleric, Dark Flier, Valkyrie explained, and how to get an Abyssian Exam Pass

How to use the Ashen Wolves classes on other characters. How do you unlock the Fire Emblem Three Houses classes Trickster, War Monk / Cleric, Dark Flier and Valkyrie? First, you need to start the Cindered Shadows DLC. This side story features the Ashen Wolves, and at first, these are the only ones that are able to use these new classes. However, to access these new DLC classes for yourself in the original game, you must completed Chapter 1 in Cindered Shadows. Though they are now available, you
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