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Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headset Review: quality and style combined in one headset

As someone who goes through headsets faster than Disney remakes movies, the chance to review the Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset filled me with both excitement and trepidation. I’m a heavy-handed person, despite my best efforts, and so to see if this headset would survive my thorough tests was a challenge that I was more than eager to meet head-on. Let me start by saying I’m pleasantly surprised. Turtle Beach is known for their accessories having incredible quality, but their affordability often

All My Friends Are Here: Dragon Age 2 and the Importance of Queer Friendships

It’s 2011. I’m fourteen years old and I am sitting deep inside of the closet. It’s a wooden box that fits me to the T and no matter how I try and move, I find it hard to breathe. When I do attempt to find the door, the fear of being released out in the open, to have everyone’s eyes on me, is what keeps me from moving. It’s that feeling that dogs me, and will continue to do so, for the next six years. But of course, there are moments of startling clarity, and none has been more sharp than when I
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